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On 14, 15 and 23 November 2022, the ELD and the GEO-LDN Initiatives, FAO, the UNCCD and WOCAT will launch the "Scenarios 4 Integrated Land Use Planning" (S4ILUP) Workshop Series. By embracing the multidisciplinary approach of Integrated Land Use Planning (ILUP), the aim of these workshops is to ensure a dialogue and knowledge exchange between users and data providers, allowing for the development of more accessible tools and better implementation of those tools for evidence-based decision-making on land. The workshop series consists of three individual sessions, each focusing on specific topics and questions with key stakeholders.

Workshop 1
Identifying needs of land use planning experts involved in ILUP processes
Workshop 1 brings users of geospatial and other data and tools for land use planning together. The workshop consists of a series of breakout sessions in which representatives of different sectors involved in land use planning exchange knowledge and experiences concerning major challenges to successful implementation of data and tools, with a focus on horizontal and vertical data integration. Discussions begin with breakout sessions with members of the same sectors and will be followed by cross-sectoral breakout rooms. Each breakout set explores a different ILUP-ILM cycle phase: planning, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation.

Workshop 2
Analyzing academia and data providers approaches and tools to support land use planning
Workshop 2 brings data providers, academics, and stakeholders involved in providing access to data and tools, together. Participants will present their perspective to the challenges and opportunities concerning data interoperability and accessibility. In breakout sessions, they will discuss the outcomes of workshop 1, the key players in the interoperability of tools, and the key parameters for interoperability. The workshop concludes with the main takeaways from the breakout sessions.

Workshop 3
From Data to Action - Identifying action points to support scenario development for ILUP
The final workshop brings all previous participants of the workshop series together to discuss and identify key points of action to support the development of better data and tools and more effective implementation of these instruments for integrated land use planning. A recap of the first two workshops is followed by open discussion and summary of key points that emerged during the workshop series.

You can see below the Preliminary Agenda of the workshop series:

The long-term objectives of the "Scenarios 4 Integrated Land Use Planning" (S4ILUP) Workshop Series are the creation of capacity development tools (e.g., a guidebook), the expansion and maintenance of a network of land use planners and experts, and the organization of forums where all stakeholders can come together in person to further develop common goals.

Join us in this process of knowledge exchange which can provide the basis for better informed decisions concerning the present and future use of land. If you would like to attend one or all of the workshops, send an informal e-mail to:

In order to access a wider group of experts, the workshops will take place mainly in English, but there will be translation into Russian. All materials will also be translated into French and Russian. We will have breakout rooms with discussions in these three languages.