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The workshop series consists of three individual sessions, each focusing on specific topics and questions with key stakeholders.

Workshop 1
Identifying needs of land use planning experts involved in ILUP processes
The first workshop will focus on the needs of users regarding data and tools, to realize integrated land-use planning. Throughout the workshop participants are invited to present challenges they face during planning and implementation of ILUP and display best practices of overcoming hurdles to reach their goals.

Workshop 2
Analyzing academia and data providers approaches and tools to support land use planning
The second workshop is directed at assembling existing tools in support of ILUP processes. This session will facilitate discussions among scientists and data providers, targeting their experience of applying the tools in practice and data related aspects such as interoperability, transparency and data quality.

Workshop 3
From Data to Action - Identifying action points to support scenario development for ILUP
The final workshop is intended to bring the knowledge produced in the first two days together and try to scope out action points to enhance the use of data and tools for ILUP. Furthermore, this session should contribute towards a common effort regarding scenario development for ILUP with a focus on land degradation neutrality.