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Meet the Team!

Advisory Board

The advisory board is comprised of international experts from the arena of integrated land use planning. To develop a workshop series which adequately addresses current gaps and needs for actors in the land use planning field across the globe, the advisory board members guide the workshop implementation with advice and decisions regarding the thematic design and focus of the workshops.

Representatives of Partner Organisations

Guided by common observations about current action gaps in integrated land use planning, and the potential it offers to bring forward the Sustainable Development Goals, GEO-LDN, WOCAT, ELD, UNCCD and FAO have partnered up to kick-off this joint S4ILUP process. Key representatives of these partner organizations come together to find the right scope and regularly exchange for a successful implementation of the workshop series.

Organizing/ Facilitator Team

The organizing team helps to realize a successful process, from the initial idea to the workshop implementation and beyond. It takes over the coordination between the advisory board and the partner organizations, the preparation of background documents and the facilitation of a workshop series in which every participant can share their knowledge in a meaningful way.