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05/2022 - Can you help evidence-based decision-making? Fill in this survey!
To understand why even the best available and prepared information is rarely used in land use planning processes, a survey on the enabling environment of land use planning has been commissioned by GIZ and the ELD initiative. This survey will inform a guidebook for land use planners and project managers on how to effectively use available data and undertake evidence-based decision making in land use planning. If you have experience in land use planning, we welcome your expertise and input into the survey and help us collectively move from data to action.

05/2022 - Welcome to our S4ILUP Advisory Board members
The development of our S4ILUP workshop series is being supported by a highly qualified advisory board with members from across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. They bring profound expertise as practitioners of land use planning in local and national governments as well as in intergovernmental organizations and academic institutes. We are looking forward to their input and perspectives. To learn more about the members of our advisory board, take a look here.

05/2022 - Side event at COP15
Our side event “Evidence-based decision making for Life on Land - Scenarios for Integrated Land Use Planning” held May 13th at the UNCCD’s COP15 in Abidjan was an excellent step forward. A wide range of speakers shared insights on new tools and networking opportunities in the field of integrated land use planning. Panelists from Tunisia and Jamaica shared their first-hand experiences with land use planning in their countries, supplemented by the international perspectives of FAO. This was a great kick-off to accelerate movement from data to action, and all slides are publicly available online.

04/2022 - Call for expression of interest in the membership of the advisory board for S4ILUP:
We are looking for experts in the field of land use planning who are interested in joining the newly established advisory board. It will support with laying the foundation for a workshop design, which addresses current gaps and needs for actors in the land use planning field across the globe. For more information you find the terms of reference here and you are welcome to send your application by May 07th 2022.

04/2022 - Join us at our COP15 side event!
We will be at the UNCCD COP15 with the Side Event “Evidence-based decision making for Life on Land - Scenarios for Integrated Land Use Planning” – Join us on Friday the 13th of May in Abidjan and meet in person with an exciting panel of speakers!